Encouragement to rise early for yoga

winter image

image: nature.desktopnexus.com/

Four wonderful bodies braved the heavy frost and arrived for yoga at 7.30 today!  The mornings are beautiful at this time of year.  The quality of the air and stillness is full of expectation for sunrise; the moon and her friends stay as long as the sun will allow.  Annie has sent me a wonderful piece of writing to share her experience of the morning:

So it was alarm in the dark, and scraping frosted windscreen then mad dash to get to the 7.30 yoga early morning session. My first at this hour at Yanley Court.
In candle lit semi darkness, we were a smal intimate group of 4 others. It was wonderful. The quiet and stillness. Witnessing the day awakening: at one point watching the gleam of sunshine on a way overhead aeroplane. And then such the gradual waking up of my body with a flowing sequence of poses. One of the highlights was in a floor based twist turning my head and seeing the frosted branches of the bushes outside with birds both still sleeping and also starting to flit around.
I would highly recommend this way of starting your Friday whether that be before work or the start of your weekend

What a great way to start the day – come and join us next week!

With much gratitude, Yvonne