Dartmoor Retreat

I am full of gratitude for our restorative weekend on Dartmoor, full of rich learning and spaciousness in the company of a group of open minded and joyous people.  Thank you all.

We spent the weekend discussing kriya yoga and home practice.  I wrote a story to illustrate the key elements of kriya.  If you have a copy of the yoga sutras, have a look at chapter 2 sutra 1 and read on to learn about klesas and astanga (the 8 limbs of yoga).  Here’s the story: actions have consequences

And here are a few pictures:

I have already booked Heathercombe for next year: 28-31 September.  I am considering booking the 27th too, so there is an option to arrive a day early for those who can.  There will be 12 spaces available.  I will post information in the New Year but do pencil it in the diary if you are interested.

Blessings and thanks, Yvonne x