going against the grain

This is going to be one of those rambling blogs but I hope it will make sense in the end.  We have just passed the first traditional harvest festival.  Some refer to this as Lughnasdh and others as Lammas:

Lughnasdh is an Irish Gaelic name for the feast which commemorates the funeral games of Lugh, Celtic god of light, and son of the Sun. In the mythological story of the Wheel of the Year, the Sun God transfers his power into the grain, and is sacrificed when the grain is harvested.

Lammas is a festival celebrating the first fruits of harvest, the fruits of our labours, and seeing the desires that we had at the start of the year unfold so rituals will be centred around this. Lammas is an early Christian festival, “lammas” means loaf mass and represented the first loaves baked from that year’s crop. These were taken to church and laid on the altar. (taken from http://www.paintingdreams.co.uk)

It got me thinking about the fruits of my year, work, family, the home.  Then last night these thoughts became feelings when I went the_towerto the Full Moon Gong Meditation with Monika Kralj (www.rainbowvibrations.com).  We listened to ideas of the energy around eclipses and the chaos created by change and transformation.  There is necessary destruction before creation and change.  It reminded me of the Tower card in the tarot deck.  It’s a strong image.

I enjoyed the experience of the Gong Meditation although it wasn’t a still meditation for me.  An experience of vibration and wanting to move around, not sit still.  My neighbour was more than aware of my fidgeting for which I apologise.  I realise how my relationship has changed with silence and stillness.  I used to take part in groups with journeying meditations and guided landscapes.  On occasion, I still work like this but it has become a more private and internal exploration of space and wanderings.

Having said all that, something has been blasted out of or into place.  We were reminded that no one knows our sacred purpose but us.  I have been re-imagining my Reiki teaching and practice and last night a piece of the jigsaw clunked into place but not just with Reiki.  Ideas that I have had and not been sure of have manifested.  I’m grateful to my teachers, some who would not know that that is what they have been to me.

My personal reflections I will keep for myself and watch them create my tapestry.  But I want to talk about my working practice.  I have been at Yanley Court since it opened five years ago, which I find amazing.  Within the walls of Yanley Court I do change my room around, it makes me happy.  I also want to change some of my working practices.  I hope this creates simplicity, transparency and affordability.

  • I want my yoga term prices to be simpler.  For a 90 minute class the cost is now £10 and for 75 minutes it is a little less.  This means a 6 week term is either £60 or £55.   This is a slight reduction to term prices.
  • I have published my Reiki I course details and am uncomfortable with the cost so  I’ve decided to reduce it.  Details on the Reiki I blogs and facebook pages
  • All my group spaces will be £10 per person (at the moment these are Reiki gatherings, chanting evenings).
  • I would really like to encourage clients who need more than an hour to see me, to come for 90 minutes; I believe the increased cost is an issue so have reduced the charge to £55 for a 90 minute session – this applies to everyone, including those who already see me for this length of time.

If you need to discuss a different level of payment, please let me know.  I need to make a living but I want these therapeutic spaces to be available to anyone who wants themsoul (2).

I suppose I didn’t need to explain any of this but some of you have been with me for sometime and it felt right to let you know what’s going on.  Reducing prices can set of warning bells but it’s all good and my heart feels happier.  Thank you for your continued support, the learning and development.  I am hugely grateful and honoured.

I’ll leave you with a Lammas Poem (www.lunasgrimoire.com)

The Corn King gives his life for the land,

We toast his sacrifice with Ale in our hand,

And eat the bread from the harvest made,

As sheaves of corn to the earth are laid.

Transformation surrounds us,

The harvest turned to food and drink,

Now is the time to learn and think,

Of what we can do to grow even stronger,

As summer recedes and the nights grow longer.

We share our rewards and bless the earth,

That brings our fruitful abundance to birth,

May our well-earned bounty reward our toil,

As we harvest the seed and the grain from the soil.

Blessings, Yvonne x