what happens at a reiki gathering?

Last Monday saw the beginning or restart of the reiki gathering evenings.  These spacescropped-ivy-couch-now.jpg are sometimes called reiki shares or healing circles.  Three out of the four people who came were new to reiki and I was touched that they arrived open-hearted, open-minded and willing to trust the space being offered.

There were brief introductions to each other and the principles of reiki to start us off.  Everyone was to give and receive reiki.  We had a discussion about ‘how to do that’.  It’s simple.  Place the hands on the body with a healing intention and trust that you will act as a conduit for energy to flow from a universal source to the person on the couch.  Rei is universal energy and ki is our individual energy.  Reiki is the conscious connection between each individual and their place in the world.  We are all connected.

With many hands available, 10 minutes is a powerful amount of healing to receive.  Each person takes it in turns to lie on the couch and has the opportunity to ask for something particular for themselves.  After receiving, the person sat quietly while the next healing session took place.  How much people want to share or not share of their experience is a personal choice.

Once everyone had received, we sat in a circle and offered distance healing to someone we knew, didn’t know, or an event or concern.  This was done without personal agenda.  We cannot know the healing someone needs and sometimes our needs can cloud our objectivity.  So we send healing with the intention that it will be used for the recipient’s highest good.

We brought the evening to a close ensuring everyone felts heard and safe, and was ready to step back out into the world.

Here is some feedback from Monday’s evening:

I attended one of Yvonne’s Reiki evenings, I went with a curious and open mind, as I did not know what to expect.  We were all total strangers but after introductions, I was put at my ease as most of the others didn’t know much more than I did about Reiki.   The whole experience of giving and receiving ‘hands on’ Reiki was very comfortable and relaxing.  I would definitely like to learn more and do it again! (Angela)

So – had my first Reiki experience on Monday at Yvonne’s Reiki Share. I didn’t know what to expect. She was right – I went with an open mind and that was all that was needed. It was friendly and informative and I felt the Reiki warmth! My interest is piqued so I’m going again … can recommend! (Anna)

The next shares are 7 August, 11 September and 9 October 7pm – 9 pm.  Cost is £10.  I want to keep groups small so if there is enough interest I will offer more dates.

In the Autumn I will be teaching Reiki I and will post information soon.

Thanks for reading, blessings Yvonne x