reiki dates

I would like to offer reiki gatherings (shares) and courses again. Now I am solely at Yanley Court and have let go of my college teaching, I have the space and yearning to share reiki and offer teaching.  If you used to come to the shares, you will remember that Gail Lambourne is also available for reiki and we share a facebook page where we post events and information.

facebook page – reiki boar

I had a glorious Friday afternoon sharing ideas about reiki and healing.  I recently offered two dates for shares and although there was interest, the times did not fit.  I think the way forward is to ask you to say what times would work and what courses you are interested in.

I’ve created two doodle polls: one for courses; one for shares.  Then I will offer regular dates and hopefully rebuild a small and connected group to meet and share healing spaces together.

reiki course doodle poll

reiki gathering doodle poll

Let me know if there’s any problem accessing the polls or if you want more information.  Hopefully this will be a lot simpler than June the 8th …

Yvonne x