To those of you who came to chanting and meditation this Wednesday – thank you.  It was a very grounding and opening evening for me.  We talked briefly about the history of yoga and I remembered a piece of writing I did some time ago which actually puts some events in the correct date order!  Also a popular telling of the legend of Patanjali:

Timeline and the yoga sutras

The next evening:

I had planned to hold another evening on Wednesday 26 July, at the end of the yoga term.  However this is the first week of the school holidays and would be 8 weeks later.  Would you think about the following and let me know, either by commenting on the blog (which is open to everyone) or sending a personal message to my email address:

  • Is there another evening that you could make or a daytime slot?
  • Could you potentially make the 26 July evening?
  • Would you like to meet for chanting reguarly?  If so, how often?
  • Did you want to order a CD of the first chapter of the yoga sutras?

Thank you again

Blessings Yvonne x



  • Hi Yvonne

    Thanks for the last chanting evening. Thought it was really good, and thanks for the tea.

    I can make the 26th. I can’t do it regularly on top of yoga due to family commitments. But would regularly do it between terms if that makes sense.

    Yes please to a CD.

    Next yoga term, I realised, on am on hols for the 5 and 12 July but fingers crossed will be at all other evenings.