Yoga Dates

We have two more weeks of this yoga term.  You have been using the inhale to explore the shape or form of the body and the exhale to connect with a sense of centre.  What has been your sense of centre?  Is it physical as thefind your centre exhale brings you into the lower part of the abdomen, or something more spiritual.  It can be an elusive experience but watching the development of your balance in Virabhadrasana (warrior) III, the sense of a physical centre and focused practice within classes has developed.  I have described the centre as a place that is constant and unchanging, purusa.  And the shape or form as always responding and changing, prakrti.  If you are new to the classes, these might be new ideas.  If you have been coming to classes for a while, have these ideas evolved for you?  Does idea of centre support your breathing and meditation practice?  It would be good to know what your experience is.

Chanting evening:

Our next chanting evening is Wednesday, 12 April, 7.15 – 9 pm.  This is the second evening of chanting.  If you didn’t make it to the first one, it is not a problem, it would be great to have you join us.  We are focusing on the yoga sutras. Following the chanting, there will be a gentle asana practice followed by time for reflection.

The yoga sutras is not a religious text. It consists of four chapters which define yoga, describe the practice of yoga, detail the fruits of yoga and describe the path to liberation.  This text guides me when thinking about how we will work each term.

  • Cost: £10.00
  • Please let me know if you are coming so I can ensure I have enough handouts


I’m delighted that nine places have been booked on the retreat.  If you are interested but would like to talk to me before committing to the retreat, please get in touch via email.


High Heathercombe Centre, Dartmoor