Online Booking and Payment Facilities

This is one of the most boring blogs I have written but I hope it is useful.

The new online booking system is working really well for booking individual yoga lessons and therapies.  You can access it via the blog or my website.  Please let me know if you experience any difficulties and I will investigate.  Of course you can still contact me direct however the system is more efficient than me at offering a range of possible times!

For those of you who use the online booking system there is a review section.  If you feel able to write a short review that would be marvellous.  It doesn’t have to be long, a few words about the therapy you have experienced would be useful.  This might enable other clients to decide what to book.

Payments for therapies and classes: I am trying to avoid payments by cheque.  My preference is online bank transfers which is charge-free.  I do now have a card payment facility which is available if you don’t do online banking or you can pay by cash.

Many thanks, Yvonne