AMENDED Yoga Dates

My apologies the prices were incorrect for the next yoga term (thank you Caro).  They should be as written below.

This posting is to confirm upcoming dates for yoga at Yanley Court:

Tomorrow evening, Wednesday 15 February, 1915-2100, £10sound-image

  • This is an additional evening of practice with chanting, asana, pranayama (breathing practice) and meditation.  All welcome.  We will begin with chapter one of the yoga sutras.  I will be bringing chant sheets and sharing some of the translations of the yoga sutras.

This evening has promoted several individual discussions about chanting.  I must admit I have been caught out.  I had been unaware of the desire to know what we are chanting about.  It seems obvious as I write this that you would want to know.  My first experience of chanting was on my yoga foundation course.  I was given a sheet and we chanted.  There was no discussion, we just did it.  And I loved it.  I realise that I have introduced chanting in the same way.  I attach an article about the yoga sutras by Ranju Roy.  This was written for a yoga magazine.  I hope you find it useful.  Please keep the discussions going.  I do not know where the questions are unless I am asked them:


Spring term: Wednesdays 22 February – 5 April

The prices given are for 7 weeks, 6 weeks and 5 weeks respectively (if you can attend the full term but need to discuss a concessionary rate, please do get in touch with me):imbolc-snowdrops

  • 0930 – 1100 @ £73.50 / £66.50 / £59.50
  • 1800 – 1915 @ £66.50 / £60.00 / £53.50
  • 1930 – 2100 @ £73.50 / £66.50 / £59.50


This is offered on the following basis:

  • Payment to be made at the start of term irrespective of when you begin the term.  If you will not be at the first lesson, please arrange for payment by the start of term.
  • When paying for the term, tell me which lessons you will be absent from.  This will allow me to offer the space to students from other classes if they cannot attend their normal class.
  • Once you have committed to a payment option, I would ask that your commitment remains for the term.  That is, if for some reason you miss an additional lesson, for example you paid for 6 weeks but only made 5 weeks, then the 6 week payment stands.

The 1930 class is currently full.  Please let me know if you are not attending next term.  It would be great if you would confirm that you are …

Wednesday 12 April 1900-2030, Yoga and Chanting £10

  • An additional session to provide space for chanting.  As with the evening tomorrow, this is open to everyone.  I will post information nearer the time

Late Spring/Early Summer Term:  begins 26 April (5 weeks)

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