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Yoga retreat: I am visiting the retreat centre in March and fully expect to be holding the retreat there, 27-29 October.  I’ve had lots of positive comments and interest, which is only adding to my excitement – thank you.  I am envisaging yoga practice and time exploring Dartmoor within walking distance of the centre.  I like to have a theme to hold the retreat and for you to reflect on.  Accommodation is dormitory based, with four rooms holding six bunks.  The centre will organise vegetarian catering on our behalf.  Anyway, a sneak preview of the venue:

The High Heathercombe Centre, Dartmoor

This term: we have been focusing on the hands during practice and coming to the heart centre.  The reading for this week was chosen to illustrate the possibilities from a heart connection

From Soul to Soul, compiled and edited by John Mundahl

Classes:  We have one more week of term and then an evening of chanting and practice on 15 February.  I have had some conversations about chanting and want to reassure you that the yoga sutras are a philosophical text not religious doctrine.  Yoga is about relationship, with yourself, with others, with concepts.  Through yoga practice we clarify the spaces in relationship and discover our truth.  For some this is god for others it is not.  All practices are valid.  My teachings are about yoga; not a prescribed way of being.  Please get in touch if you want to discuss this aspect of practice further.

After ‘half term’, we are back for a 7 week term, 22 February – 7 April.

Yvonne x

2 Comments on “Yoga – bits and pieces

  1. Dear Yvonne

    I have looked at Centre website and feel excited too! Lovely part of Dartmoor too.

    So have chalked up on our family calendar and you can expect to count me in!

    Thank you for poem / reading too



    • Thanks Annie. Once all is confirmed I will send out details and book places on a first come first served basis. Probably April time.

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