Yoga and Chanting – 15 February

This evening is particularly for those of you who like to chant as part of your yoga practice.  It is during half term week, 7.15 – 9 pm.  I would like to start our time, chanting the yoga sutras.  We have chanted YS1 1 – 16 during different terms. We will revise these and then during each ‘half term’, there will be an evening to continue through the chapters.  There will be a short asana practice followed by time for reflection.

I am not the most proficient chanter but I think we make a good sound if viewed from the ‘spirit of practice’.  If chanting is new to you, don’t be shy, please come along.  Chanting is a space to be in community, open your heart and feel good vibrations.  Nothing more is expected.

The yoga sutras is not a religious text. It consists of four chapters which define yoga, describe the practice of yoga, detail the fruits of yoga and describe the path to liberation.  This text guides me when thinking about how we will work each term.

I do hope you will join me.

  • Cost: £10.00
  • Prebooking essential

If you feel you would like to continue practicing the yoga sutras, I can recommend a teaching CD via my teachers.  We can discuss this on the night and I will organise a group order if appropriate.