Yoga 2017

Happy New Year!

Yoga returns this Wednesday, 4 January.  Yoga enables us to develop the relationship between the body and breath to create space for the mind to be still and centred.  I teach a traditional form of yoga, often referred to as viniyoga.  This approach integrates the mind, body and breath, creating a meditative practice.  All abilities are welcome.  If necessary, postures (āsana) can be adapted to enable you to experience the energy of the posture and develop the relationship between flexibility and strength.

The 90 minute classes have more time dedicated to seated breathing practice (prānāyāma) and meditation.  Classes are organised in terms where we work with a theme and a consistent practice.  Classes are not differentiated; all levels of experience are welcome.

To encourage a yoga practice that is regular and consistent, I ask for a term commitment.  Whilst I would prefer you to come for the full term, I offer a slightly reduced rate if you need to miss up to two lessons.

Next term: Wednesdays, 4 January to 8 February (6 weeks)

The prices given are for 6 weeks, 5 weeks and 4 weeks respectively (if you can attend the full term but need to discuss a concessionary rate, please do get in touch with me):

  • 0930 – 1100 @ £63.00 / £56.00 / £49.00
  • 1800 – 1915 @ £57.00 / £50.50 / £44.00
  • 1930 – 2100 @ £63.00 / £56.00 / £49.00

This blog has articles to support our term practice and I publish reminders of term dates.

Please get in touch to confirm you are returning or to book your place.

Yvonne x


5 Comments on “Yoga 2017

  1. Dear Yvonne

    I thought you might like this poem which came through the poetry email bulletin I’m subscribed to,

    and Happy New Year to you!


    New Year Prayer This robust heart involved with too many worlds for its own good, this portion of creation constantly trying to make its self singular, this chef at home in the kitchen among the gleam of knives, sommelier among eclectic bottles, sometimes dreaming as a hermit among leaves, drinking the centuries of inherited silence, sometimes the social host opening the doors and lighting the candles, often a father lifting his daughter high up above him and then the husband sheltered by night attempting to talk and talk again, too often now as the years go by the son worrying for a father sitting Atlantic miles away, in a silent remembered parallel. And now this other parallel, this symmetry inside for everything on the outside, the writer in winter at his desk, caught in the light, beneath the window, bringing together the last and the first, the middle and the edge, the near and the far, the troubled lives all calling for the one line and the one life, for creation came together in a central unspoken wish, to be held and made one like a god’s blessing out of nowhere, the pen somehow touching a wound that heals them all. ~ David Whyte ~ (River Flow) >

  2. Happy New Year Yvonne!Will be coming on Wed and intend paying for 5 classes. Looking forward to starting the new term!Ines x

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  3. I forgot to let you know I’ll be back…. Paid for 5 sessions this morning.

    See you later.


    p.s. happy new year!

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