Happy winter solstice

The Yew tree is a symbol of the winter solstice as well as the tree of the ancestors and transformation:yew-tree-of-life

YEW by Y Cattermole

Keeper of time and wisdom,

Holder of memories spanning time

to be rebirthed eternally.

Living the never ending cycles

of transformation,

Interweaving endings with beginnings,

Allowing change in the pauses

As we move from story to story,

The connections sometimes

Obscured from consciousness

But ever held in darker depths

of soul lit knowing,

To be offered up when we are

ready and open to learn the lessons

our elders breathed long ago


Thank you for another year of practice and companionship.

Blessings and gratitude Yvonne

3 Comments on “Happy winter solstice

  1. Very beautiful poem. Thank you Yvonne. Xxx

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  2. Beautiful! Enjoy your family time and festivities. Sending you lots of love. xxx

  3. Lovely Yvonne, thank you – a special day indeed today, and wise words

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