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roots(I have just spent Sunday afternoon in the garden.  It was sunny, cold and the birds were very present.  Extreme beauty and this image feels apt.)

Yanley Court:

  • New floor – we have been enjoying the new floor in the Loft.  What a difference it has made.
  • Even more exciting, the exterior door by the stairs to the loft now has a new door handle!  When you turn up for class, you can let yourselves in … it’s the small pleasures in life that are important!
  • If the car park is busy, there are spaces available in the business park.  During office hours please use the unnumbered spaces
  • If you are late to an appointment or yoga class, please be aware of your speed.  There is a speed limit in the business park (and on Yanley Lane – it’s not unusual to have to jump into bushes when walking into work).

Availability between Christmas and New Year:

  • I am on holiday from Friday 23 December to Wednesday 28 December, inclusive
  • I am working on Thursday 29 December and Friday 30 December.
  • I return after the New Year on Tuesday 3 January 2017

General availability:

  • Mondays 1200 – 1945
  • Tuesdays 1200 – 1800
  • Wednesdays: Yoga 0930-1100; 1800-1915; 1930-2100
  • Thursdays 1200 – 1945
  • Fridays 0930 – 1700

New appointment system:

I have organised my own online appointment system.  This can be accessed through my website, facebook or the blog.  Thank you for your patience.  There are quite a few people who have received several notifications of bookings, cancellations, changes, more bookings!  It should now all run smoothly although you will be getting reminders from different calendars until Christmas.

Payments can be made by card, cash or online.  I will still accept cheques but am aiming to avoid this if possible.

Next yoga term: Wednesdays, 4 January to 8 February (6 weeks)

For next term, please confirm your attendance before Christmas.  If I do not hear from you I will assume you will not be returning in January.

The prices given are for 6 weeks, 5 weeks and 4 weeks respectively (if you can attend the full term but need to discuss a concessionary rate, please do get in touch with me):

  • 0930 – 1100 @ £63.00 / £56.00 / £49.00
  • 1800 – 1915 @ £57.00 / £50.50 / £44.00
  • 1930 – 2100 @ £63.00 / £56.00 / £49.00

This is offered on the following basis:

  • Payment to be made at the start of term irrespective of when you begin the term.  If you will not be at the first lesson, please arrange for payment by the start of term.
  • When paying for the term, tell me which lessons you will be absent from.  This will allow me to offer the space to students from other classes if they cannot attend their normal class.
  • Once you have committed to a payment option, I would ask that your commitment remains for the term.  That is, if for some reason you miss an additional lesson, for example you paid for 6 weeks but only made 5 weeks, then the 6 week payment stands.

Meditation and focus blog is on it’s way

Thanks and blessings, Yvonne