I am trialling a Business facebook page only.  I do not want a personal page as it seems to take too much space in my head but some clients and students prefer to access information via FB rather than the blog.  It’s on trial because I seem to have difficulty in moderating my FB use – it’s not just teenagers who struggle with this stuff apparently.  I have deleted personal pages before but this time I will not be reinstating the personal page.  So here is the link if you would prefer to use this as an access point:

https://www.facebook.com/Embodied.Health.Yvonne.Cattermole/four agreements

As I am not building personal page, I cannot invite people to the page so will leave it to you to decide whether or not to ‘LIKE’ it.  I’ve decided that Ruiz’s Four Agreements are a good way of working with social media.  I am sure this is not what he had in mind when dessiminating Toltec knowledge and wisdom: