Reflexology in Pregnancy

I am often approached by women who have reached their due date and are still waiting for labour and their new baby to arrive.  Reflexology has wonderful reviews for ‘getting things started’.  Other approaches can also help.  Reflexology is a therapy for all the time: for men, women, pre-pregnancy, all through pregnancy, after pregnancy, in childhood, old age, in good health and in poor health.  If you are pregnant, please consider enjoying this wonderful therapy and all it has to offer before a specified date on your maternity notes.

The fact is your baby is going to arrive and if reflexology is a last minute experience the focus isn’t about preparing you for bith, it becomes more about providing space in which to relax and accept where you are rather than enforcing time-bound expectations.  I am very happy to employ all the techniques I have been taught and learned through experience over the last 17 years but for me there is the disappointment of knowing that had we started earlier in pregnancy, then perhaps ‘last minute experiences’ may have been avoided.

It is much more satisfying to see you  for a course of appointments to prepare you and the baby for labour, but more importantly for recovery from and enjoyment of the baby’s arrival. I remember being very focused on my due date with my first child.  Having a baby in my arms was a complete shock! A course does not guarantee a delivery date.  I work with the idea that full term is 37 – 42 weeks; in some countries women are given a due month rather than a specific day which seems much more sensible, even liberating.

A course of treatment allows us to develop a working relationship and from that provide an atmosphere of support where you can practice your relaxation techniques and have time to connect with your unborn child.  There is also scope to incorporate futon-based or table bodywork into sessions.

So, to encourage you to make time for yourself during the final trimester (or before) I am offering you the following:

  • Six one hour appointments at £230 (saving £40)
  • Four one hour appointments at £160 (saving £20)
  • Six 90 minute appointments at £350 (saving £40)
  • Four 90 minute appointments at £240 (saving £20)

Payment can be at the start of the course or you can have the discount on your final appointment.  My usual charge is £45 for one hour or £65 for 90 minutes.  If you pay for a course and the baby comes earlier than expected you can book in after the birth and have some post natal care – babies are welcome and often enjoy reflexology!  In the middle of the night, reflexology can really be helpful for parents and their babies; there are some simple techniques to learn and use at home.

I do hope you will consider booking in.  I am at Yanley Court Monday to Friday and I usually need some notice for appointment times.

If you want to know more about reflexology, I have written a short article and included some recommended authors for further reading :allaboutreflexology

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