Empty nest syndrome and yoga

Yesterday morning the great tit chicks were in full voice.  In fact, they have been chattering all day.  By the evening classes – silence.  Am feeling slightly bereft!

Yoga has finished for the term and we return on 8 June.  I will post some information about next term and details of the readings and concepts from this term …

2 Comments on “Empty nest syndrome and yoga

  1. Their Wookey cousins must have joined them as exactly the same thing has happened here. A chaffinch is calling in the hedge and there are odd squeaks, but apart from that it is a sleepy sunny morning. I hope you are keeping a file of your wonderful notes to us all. They are so inspiring and would make a super book.

    Kate x

    Hang on, the blackbird has just opened up behind the fir trees. It is such a lovey echoey song.

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