I was asked if I was doing much playing at the moment?  I recounted stories of going grocery shopping, buying green bags for garden waste, general pottering and ‘chores’.  I’ve started going to the gym three times a week with my partner.  We’re using the Couch to 5K app to improve our fitness and ensure we have moments through the week that are shared.  Apparently I need to work at my play activity choices!  I also read a book in the middle of the day on Sunday.  I’m reading Bill Bryson’s ‘Road to Little Dribbling’ and find I am laughing out loud at my fellow countrymen.  My favourite quote so far is ‘all this pretending, it must be exhausting being English’.  My reading activity was indeed deemed ‘play’.

I’ve been reflecting on my response to letting go of the stressful role I was trying so hard to get to grips with and have been helped at work this week to interpret my response.  All clients and yoga classes are being serenaded by a family of great tits, nesting in a space between the stones of the barn wall.  When the parent bird returns the family jump into life.  It’s an amazing cacophany and I’m aware it will be for such a short time.  They are a long way up and at some point will all appear from the dark to take their first flight.

It’s made me realise that in my determination to be more aware of day to day me and this life I’m living, that I am nesting.  I’m rebuilding my home and space and I’m loving it.  My family are in the foreground.  Exams are underway but there is a feeling of contentment and whilst all are working hard, we see each other for cups of tea (and custard creams of course) and share meals.  My eldest is at Birmingham Uni doing his end of first year exams and is in contact daily via WhatsApp; he has his own unique cacophonic ring tone.

You might like to know that the garden is looking verdant and a friend gave me a damson tree which has pride of place in the middle of our patch.  The piano playing is coming along too!  Turns out I’m easily pleased and this refusing to get stressed whlst working to live rather than living to work, is a much better game to play.



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  1. How lovely Yvonne, you sound very contented! I’m nesting too and also enjoying having the right balance in my life, it’s so very important. Would love to come and see you after the school hols! xxx

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