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This week the yoga community and beyond were saddened by the death of Peter Hersnack.  I have mentioned Peter over the years during class, individual lessons and on retreat.  I received an email today from Chris Priest, co-director for Associated Yoga Studies, the home for viniyoga teachers and students:

We were deeply saddened to hear of the death of Peter Hersnack from
cancer on Friday night. Peter has been a source of inspiration to many
of us within aYs – a man of gentle wisdom, kindness and integrity. He
has been a great support to the aYs over the years. Indeed, very
recently he had very kindly agreed to be an honorary member of aYs, in
recognition of this.

Peter’s approach to life and yoga have become part of my own learning, taught to me by Chris and my teachers at Sadhana Mala – Ranju and Dave.  It is a deep shock to lose a guide when you are on a journey; I am mindful that I am part of a community and shared energy.

In classes this term we have been looking at the antarya and in doing so have been connected to some of the ideas Peter embodied from the teachings of the yoga sutra.  His reflections and teachings will continue to inspire and encourage engagement during individual practice and within community.

I ask if you will take a moment to pause and reflect on your yoga practice, we/you are part of a lineage and a community, whether that practice is once a week or every day. Peter has also been your teacher, albeit indirectly, and his energy will continue to guide those who knew him and those who have share his teachings.

‘I will always be your teacher, even when your knowledge surpasses mine; our relationship is eternal’.  I cannot remember where I read this or even if it is a direct quote.  I am grateful for the many teachers in my life.



One Comment on “yoga and inspiration

  1. This is beautiful….

    Unfortunately, I didn’t know of Peter until now but I know Yvonne and her energy is enriching. With my new journey I hope the link of their energies is touching my own.

    I believe his teaching will continue on another level… above, as is below.

    With love and light, God bless.

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