I am spirit by Deepak Chopra

This term we have begun to consider the antarya and within our shared yoga practice, asking where we find support.  Our awareness of support can shift and change.  As we contemplate ideas of support, perhaps we can find a deeper and constant internal support.  Our awareness of this is clarified in moments of stillness and withandrew reeds practice we may be aware of it in moments of madness too:

Although my physical existence is confined to space and time, my awareness is not limited to that.  I am aware of the whole field as a play of creation and destruction.  Matter and energy come and go, flickering in and out of existence like fireflies, yet all events are held together and made orderly by the deep intelligence that runs through all things.

I am one aspect of that intelligence.  I am the field unfolding itself in local events.  My spirit is experiencing the material world through the lens of perception, but even if I see and hear nothing, I am still myself, an eternal presence of awareness.

In practical terms, this realization becomes real when no outside event can shake your sense of self.  A person who knows himself as spirit never loses sight of the experiencer in the midst of experience.  His inner truth says, ‘I carry the consciousness of immortality in the midst of mortality’.

Taken from Soul to Soul, compiled & edited by John Mundahl

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