yoga terms and ideas

Unbelieveably we are at the end of another term.  We are back to yoga on Wednesday 24 February for six weeks:

  • 0930-1100 @ £55
  • 1800-1915 @ £50
  • 1930-2100 @ £55

We have considered how we reach a state of yoga and what yoga can be for different people.  The yoga sutras, which you have chanted beautifully – yes you have – were from the first chapter: 12 – 16 and 23.  A state of yoga is reached through practice (abhyasa) and detachment (vairagya): putting the support in place and letting go of the outcome.  We have also discussed the ideas of seeing where the journey takes us rather than having a set goal in mind; for some this will include the concept of something that is ‘more than ourselves’ or ‘bigger than us’.

One question that arose was ‘does yoga tell you how to behave towards others’.  We began talking about the eight limbs of yoga, particularly the yamas and niyamas: our relationship with others and our relationship with ourselves.  I said I would offer some one day retreats at Yanley Court and there was enthusiasm for looking at these ideas more deeply.  Once I’ve talked with Rachel about dates, I will let you know when and some details.

Thank you for your support, presence and willingness to move, chant and be still.  You’re an inspiration.  And finally, here’s a picture of worrier pose:

worrier pose



Blessings Yvonne x


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