A GP’s letter about yoga

For those of you not on social media, I thought you might like to read this open letter from a GP, encouraging the NHS to offer yoga to patients.  Here’s an excerpt:

‘Every day in my job as a GP I think of the potential of Yoga. Yoga could have a positive impact on almost every health related situation that comes into my consulting room. It comes up in discussions about weight loss, anxiety, back pain and depression, pregnancy, cancer, cardiovascular health and ageing. I could go on. The more I consider the role yoga has for an individual person coping with a particular health concern, the more I see the potential for Yoga to become a public health intervention that society could opt for to bolster the health of the nation. From a public health perspective, if a Think Tank was trying to devise an intervention that had potential to improve physical and mental health parameters across all age ranges with great accessibility and appeal, with little outlay for the individual in set up costs, I challenge you to find a better intervention than Yoga. individual and public health level that offers positive and sustainable improvements to health across the board.’

I know you are among the converted but positive affirmation is a good thing!


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