Holiday Yoga

So the end of another year of yoga practice.  Here is my reading to remind you of the yoga space.  I am encouraging you to unroll the mat, even for 5 minutes and just be on it during the holidays.  Some arm raises, some forward bends, a bit of cat, 12 breaths …  I hope that gives you somewhere to start.  It can be simple.  Just do it!


I create my own land of time and space
as the mat unfurls.
Arriving on the mat
my body sighs … refuge.

A flame illuminates Air
and incense winds its way
into darkened corners.

Feet rooting into Earth,
Pelvis organised by gravity,
Shoulders falling away from heady heights,
Fingers joining the body to express shape,
Neck reaching up to sky,
leading the spine upwards.

Inhale slipping into exploration
Met by exhale releasing into stillness.
The breath animating every cell in my body,
A continuous wave meeting me
at this point and place in time.

I am home.

Written by me!

4 Comments on “Holiday Yoga

  1. Thanks for the lovely reminder. A poet as well! I will keep it by my mat. Happy times at Christmas, Ann

  2. What a beautiful poem, it captures perfectly the experience of practicing yoga.

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