Reflection Retreat November 2015

Wooda Farm once again provided the container for our retreat.  We spent the days protected by the elements and were graced with clearer skies when we did venture out.

Each day started with yoga practice and we spent time together reflecting on the role of pratyahara and silence.  We also worked with inversions, leading to shoulder stand, to consider life from another perspective.  Sometimes a different viewpoint is not our choice but we have to find a way to be in the spaces that life offers.  Sometimes the choices we do make, take us down a path that we had not considered and we have to adapt and adjust.  The retreat has had a profound effect on my own practice and I believe offered each person something for their own journey.

Thank you to all who joined me at Wooda and thank you to our hosts, who once again provided a sacred space with nurturing food and fireside moments.

My health feels well and truly embodied.