Yoga – retreating to Wooda

On Thursday, eight of us will journey to Wooda Farm near Crackington Haven, North Cornwall.  I know I am ‘at work’ but am so looking forward to being in one space, with one purpose.  We are working with inversions and I hope they will enable us to consider life from another perspective.  This idea can lead to an appreication of where we are and what is important.  Or it may lead to letting go of unhelpful stuff, memories, practices, perhaps even relationships current or past.  Wooda is a magical home where we can feel safe and contained, nurtured by the environment and by the guardians of the space – Max and Gary.  ON every retreat at Wooda I have offered silence, I wrote this a couple of years ago:

When I sat with silence – reflection retreat, Wooda Farm, November 2013

As I sat in silence
I felt the sharpness of the world in my lack of shape.
I noticed support leave my body
and the aches of past and present
explored the outer world and inner temples.
My hands held the places to bring healing and awareness.
Tightness, constriction, stubborn holding of unexpressed emotion
held in another lifetime’s dreams.

Images greeted my eyes and travelled along pathways to offer answers in the guise of questions.
Obstructions and reasoned constructions not to change; not to tread easier, wider pathways and realise freedom.
So … more work to be done but it will happen, when I’m ready, with patience and mindfulness
Starting at the easiest of starting places: my body

This gross, human form that is tangible and real, inescapable,
reserving my space in the Universe.
Once aware of my fingers and toes, I can notice how my breath flows,
ride the undulation of my chest,
feel the expansion of the inhale, the depth of its pause,
allow the exhale to be more than a sigh as it greets its own stillness.

Next my mind, impatiently waiting its turn but held by the breath,
Throwing up ideas and busyness before being tempered by the present.
This moment, this breath, this truth.

The senses watch the dancing of the body, the mind, the breath
They bring a new perspective to this theatre,
Sensual touch, playing guide to the others to experience this moment:
the scents, the sounds, the vision, the nectar.

Pause … where am I now?
Where is the connection with my centre and my shape?
With my relationship to another?
Stay with me. Stay with this centre, this shape.
Can I sit in silence?
Can I begin contemplation, meditation, integration?
Unfinished work. Slowly, gently, patiently.
Trust that I have begun.
Why place limits on my journey?