Yoga Student Reflections

I am often asked the difference between attending a class and having an individual lesson.  Some of the students who come to classes also see me for one to one lessons, so I asked them if they would write a paragraph of their own experience:

‘Individual lessons with Yvonne has enabled me to enjoy a yoga practice at home most days, and I have really felt the benefits to both body and mind. The individual home practice she creates for me focusses on what I need most. Also, by suggesting minor changes to postures I can feel them working well for me, both at home and in class, so the classes are better too. I love Yvonne’s kind, intuitive and practical approach.’ CA

‘Yvonne’s private classes give you the chance of one-to-one feedback (I really appreciated that she took a photo to demonstrate that a posture was not as bad as I thought). She gave me a home practice tailored to my needs and seeing her has made me practice at home more. I would really recommend it as an add-on to classes or just on its own. You get caring, thoughtful help’ Anon

‘I have really enjoyed my 1:1 yoga lessons. I have been surprised how different it is to a group lesson. Yvonne really tailors the practise to me as an individual. This has hooked me in and now I practice yoga almost daily. The benefits have been huge. I feel like a different person. I have much more energy, am able to focus better and am enjoying the core strength and flexibility. I really look forward to my lesson with Yvonne and don’t mind setting the alarm for 6.30am so I can fit my practice in. Yvonne is very knowledgeable and I feel cared for during my sessions. We also have a bit of a laugh, which is always good.’ KL.
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