Ash Meditation

Deeply connected, travelling far,
Rooted knowledge expands to the sky,
Challenging us to walk our talk,
To clear our ground
To make our dreams a physical presence.
Opening up the possibilities
To allow growth and development
To meet destiny and
  be active in its destination.
To embody the journey
  rather than be carried by the wave.
Using those deep roots to ground us
Shaped by the knowledge and wisdom
  in each of us, a gift of our ancestors.
This is the strength of solidity and
  self-awareness, not of power over others.
Knowing where you stand now
  will inform you of where
  you would like to go.
How has your past shaped today?
What action could you take today,
  for the energy of tomorrow to allow
  more growth and rootedness?
Allow your inner light to brighten your worlds.
Show yourself in your strength,
Able to stand alone
But also connect with others and nature,
Consult your knowing
Trust your inner wisdom.
Sometimes wisdom is wordless.
Something greater than your mind can guide you
Providing you are rooted
Open hearted
Trust your own strength
Know the ground you stand on.
Ash grows quickly
Deep roots are needed
  to be in the tide of growth
  and stay with your breath.
Allowing the wind of change
To challenge you
Cleanse you
Animate you.